Sushi delivery in Hull

For fresh, restaurant-quality sushi delivery direct to your door, look no further than the Deliveroo sushi section for Hull. Given the city’s proud maritime and fishing heritage, it’s only right that the good people of Hull should be able to get their hands on sushi that’s so fresh, it might have been plucked straight from The Deep.

Of course, as sushi fans will know, there’s much more to the dish than raw fish. The essential ingredient is the vinegar-infused rice that accompanies slices of seafood, vegetables and meat. As well as offering an array of exciting taste and texture combinations, sushi is a light, healthy, filling food that is often just the ticket for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a romantic dinner or a party platter for dinner, Deliveroo have got it all wrapped up.

Hull: Try some fresh sushi in your Humberside home

In many ways, sushi is an ideal takeaway food. It’s delicate and decadent, but at the same time healthy and virtuous. Now, sushi lovers in Hull can enjoy a whole world of sushi without any of the hassle of heading out into town.

You may be surprised at just how varied sushi can be. Nigiri sushi comprises pillows of rice with slices of salmon, tuna, mackerel and more. Alternatively, you can dispense with the rice and just focus on the fish with sashimi, while maki rolls add some seaweed for additional taste, texture and colour. For a fusion twist on the traditional sushi formats, meanwhile, try a California Roll. This has the nori on the inside and the rice on the outside, and a range of alternative ingredients such as mayonnaise and sesame seeds.

Meat-eaters are catered for by fillings and toppings such as teriyaki chicken and seared beef, while vegetarians can sample the delights of cucumber or avocado rolls and omelette nigiri. No matter what your diet is, there’s always room for sushi: order from Deliveroo now for a delicious and delightful dinner.