Order Sushi takeaway from nearby Hereford restaurants

Massively popular and always delicious, sushi is the go-to cuisine for lots of people looking for top quality food. And what could be better than visiting your favourite sushi restaurant in Hereford for platefuls of fish and rice goodness? Having Deliveroo bring it to you, that’s what! We’ve got together with all the best sushi and Japanese restaurants across Hereford to offer you a wide choice of dishes.

All you need to do is browse the menu listings and decide which sushi dishes would make your evening perfect. Then, simply order online and wait for us to come to you. Before you’ve even got the saki and soy sauce ready, we’ll be on your doorstep with your takeaway delivery. We’ve basically taken away all the hard work and made it as easy as possible for you to have high quality sushi right in the comfort of your own home.

Hereford: So much sushi to choose from

There’s sushi for everyone – whether you are looking for raw fish (sashimi), meat, cooked fish or vegetables. Many dishes incorporate some or all of these ingredients to create delicious bite size morsels, ideal for sharing. Order different kinds if you have many people to feed – trying each other’s dishes is part of the fun!

For simplistic fishy goodness, tuck into ikura gunkan. This consists simply of salmon roe wrapped in nori (sheets of Japanese seaweed, used to wrap and contain many sushi dishes). For raw salmon on rice, choose saki nigiri. Nigiri refers to sashimi balanced on top of small squares of sushi rice made with mirin (Japanese white wine vinegar).

Vegetarians will love kappa maki. Small sushi rolls, with a cucumber centre, wrapped in nori, kappa maki is named after a Japanese monster who loved cucumbers! For those who love their fish cooked, look out for any dish with octopus or eel, and in particular ebi nigiri (cooked prawn on top of sushi rice). And those who like their prawns raw, try amaebi. Don’t forget everything that should go with your sushi – make sure you have soy sauce, pickled ginger to cleanse the palate and wasabi (Japanese horseradish).