Sushi delivery in Dundee

Whether it is nigirizushi, makizushi or chirashizushi, Dundee’s Japanese restaurants serve a wonderful variety of sushi that will whisk you off to the Far East in a flash. Now it’s even easier to eat sushi with Deliveroo. We bring you the best of Dundee’s sushi restaurant menus all for home delivery or takeaway.

Dundee’s makizushi or rolled sushi makes a scrumptious last-minute takeaway after a busy day at work. Wrapped in seaweed, soy paper and a thin omelette it’s a real treat for rice lovers. Hand-pressed nigirizushi is a rectangular rice block served with tuna or salmon, California rolls and cucumber maki all make a delicious snack day or night, perfect served with soy sauce and fiery wasabi. So, if you want to become better acquainted with this favourite Japanese food, get online and order a feast from Deliveroo.

Dundee: Deliveroo delivers sushi for seafood lovers

When you think of Japanese food, Sushi is often the first thing that comes to mind. This incredible rice, fish and vegetable combination rolled into beautiful shapes makes a delightful appetizer or light main meal. So when you want authentic sushi in Dundee, look no further than Deliveroo to bring you the best options in the city; all for home delivery of course!

Whether it’s inarizushi (tofu pouches filled with sticky rice) or oshizushi (pressed sushi in a box), Dundee’s restaurants have it all. Spicy crab and lobster mixed with fresh avocado, cucumber, peppers, coriander and rice rolled in soy paper is heaven for the taste buds while mango rolls with shrimp make an exotic treat.

Sushi is a fun food for sharing so invite your friends and let them choose their quirky sushi favourites. Now Deliveroo means you don’t have to search the city to find the sushi of your dreams. From the comfort of your sofa you can browse Dundee’s sushi menus at your leisure and create your perfect Japanese feast for home delivery. Dig out the spicy wasabi and pickled ginger and get some sake warming for sushi in style!