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The world enjoys thousands of pizzas every day. So many, in fact, that you’ll find pizza takeouts everywhere, including in the coastal city of Dundee. The first pizza was prepared for Queen Margherita in 1889. Her chef chose his toppings for their colours-red, green, and white like the Italian flag. The dish has been adopted and adjusted by chefs all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. The crust and mozzarella base lends itself to an enormous range of toppings, including ham, broccoli, mushrooms, chicken and onions. Just about everyone has passionate beliefs about pizza. Are thin crusts better than thick? Is pineapple a legitimate ingredient? Should you eat yours with cutlery or fold it like a sandwich? Is a deep pan base better than a thin one? The answers to all four questions are simple: eat it the way you love it. Isn't enjoyment the point? When you order pizza takeaway in Dundee, you contribute to the five billion pizza orders made all over the world every year. There’s a reason the dish has gathered such an enthusiastic following. It’s rich comfort food, and it makes you feel at home. Let Deliveroo take care of the delivery.

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Looking for some healthy Pizza to be delivered direct to your door? Give Italian Grill - Dundee a go for a hit of our healthiest food.

Do you have a craving for some tasty vegan Pizza? Try ordering from Wee Slice, Papa John's - Dundee and Dhaka Express to get your meat free fix.

Enticed by some gluten-free Pizza brought right to you? We’ve got you covered when you order from Wee Slice, Pizza Hut Delivery - Dundee West and Dhaka Express

We can deliver a great pizza between the hours of 9am and 11pm.

We can deliver a mouth-watering pizza in Dundee for on average £20

The most ordered pizzas includes Margherita Pizzas.

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