Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Windsor restaurants

As one of the most popular cuisines around right now, Mexican food is made up of all sorts of delectable beans, rice and cheese concoctions, all wrapped up and made to order. Windsor has become a hotspot for Mexican dishes and many restaurants are now offering the ability to order takeaway straight to your door.  

Thats where we come in. With Deliveroo, you can find solace in knowing that your spicy mix of Mexican is on it’s way to you. No matter what the weather may be outside, cuddle up on the sofa and relax, we’ve got it taken care of. Order a classic burrito to satisfy your Central American cravings or mix it up with a choice of tacos, topped with cheddar cheese and fresh guacamole. Whatever you're after, Deliveroo can provide, having teamed up with the finest restaurants in Windsor.

Windsor: Enjoy Mexican fare across town

Central America is home to some of the greatest flavours in the book. Chipotle chicken, thick and juicy pulled pork burritos filled with refried beans and rice, tacos that ooze the succulent taste of cured meat topped with melted cheese and guacamole, it’s all so appetising! Mexican food is hot on the list, and Windsor is no exception. 

With many restaurants and eateries in Windsor specialising in Mexican cuisines, it’s becoming easier and easier to get those delectable Mexican dishes delivered straight to your door, and thanks to our wide array of drivers stationed across most of the city, Mexican food is never too far away, and better yet, you don’t ever have to make the long walk to a restaurant and stand in line. No sir, those days are over. 

There’s more to Mexican food than meets the eye though, it’s not all burritos and tacos. Opt for the lesser known but equally delicious pescado pacifico, which is grilled sea bass served in a guajillo zarandeado sauce, or go for a spicy fajita to stir up those tastebuds. Whatever it is, we’ll have it to you in no time at all.