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Halal food from the top restaurants in Windsor – delivered

There's a great range of halal food in Windsor, and the good news is that we can deliver it. From ever-popular favourites like doner kebabs and shish kebabs and tasty shawarmas to fragrant tagines all using halal meat, you can choose from a range of delectable dishes. Fancy a different kind of halal cuisine? Halal Chinese food, halal pizza and halal fried chicken are all on the menu too. We deliver from your favourite Windsor restaurants to your door.

Best-rated Halal restaurants in Windsor

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Gourmet Grill Windsor

4.3Very good(50+)

Don’t understand halumi in a wrap but chicken was really good and good value for money


Great food! Needed more peri salt on chips though.

German Doner Kebab - Slough

4.4Very good(50+)

The kebab was nice but asked for garlic sauce, never got any


As a Dutch kebab either I've been disappointed deeply by the UK's doner and I am so extremely happy with this company and their food! Sauces were not added as requested but I can deal with that. To many many more kebabs!


Not really a fan of Doner meat but all my friends kept going on about! Tried it and must admit “impressive”


4.4Very good(50+)

Good order as usual. Still not convinced by the sweet and sour - needs some improvement.


Food quality was lovely. Would highly recommend.

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