Order Mexican takeaway from nearby St. Andrews restaurants

Can you think of a better way to spice up lunch or dinner time than ordering a hot and hearty Mexican takeaway delivery? This food is a relatively new option in St. Andrews but it’s certainly established itself as a favourite with colourful menus including such relishing prospects as nutritious nachos and ecstatic enchiladas. 

Mexican is without doubt a social cuisine. An image of a long wooden table in the old country springs to mind. A large smiling family all reaching for tortillas, and wooden bowls filled with fresh salad, tomatoes, peppers and other dishes of beans and chicken cooked in hot chilli sauces. It’s a talk-with-your-mouth-open food, to eat with good friends while enjoying some drinks and lively banter. Tantalising tortillas filled with a choice of meats, cheese, beans or vegetables. And Deliveroo are here to bring all this to you! 

St. Andrews: Red hot chilli peppers and Mexican meals

Mexican is a great food for dips and sauces, like guacamole, crema and salsa; green, white and red respectively - the colours of Mexico’s national flag. The food is vegetarian-friendly as many of the dishes are served with beans and vegetables rather than meats. This means it’s a healthy option for those who take their diet seriously. 

Chilli peppers add that special snap we associate with this country’s hot cuisine. Did you know there is a table in which to measure the spicy heat (or pungency) of a chilli? It’s called the Scoville Scale and features the usual suspects of mouth burners, such as the jalapeño, the bhut jolokia, and the world's current hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper! 

Generally, restaurant menus will provide a guide to show how hot a dish will be. For instance, a meal with one chilli pepper will be quite low on the scale whereas a meal with five chilli peppers will be too hot for most. Therefore, cold milk and yoghurts are a quick remedy if you do get the old “flaming mouth” from a particularly spicy dish.