Lebanese food delivery in Canterbury

Lebanese cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, with several dishes dating back as far as the Romans. Over the centuries it has seen influence from other cultures, like the Ottoman Empire, and has its origins in the long-lost cuisines of ancient civilisations like Phoenicia. There are even French elements in Lebanese cuisine, due to France's control of Lebanon until 1943. And here at Deliveroo, we bring you a taste of the Middle East, with traditional Lebanese food straight to your doorstep!

Explore traditional Lebanese staples like brilliant baba ghanoush (cooked aubergines), fantastic falafel (deep-fried ground chickpea patties), and cracking kibbeh (bulgur wheat, minced onions and meat), all with Deliveroo. We bring you the best choices from the finest Lebanese restaurants in Canterbury, with authentic Lebanese dishes available to order for delivery straight to your door. Order a takeaway with a fine dining difference.

Canterbury: Fall in love with Lebanese tradition

Like Lebanese cuisine, Canterbury has a deep connection to the Roman era. The Romans settled in the modern Canterbury area around the 1st century, and probably brought the earliest incarnation of Lebanese food to our shores, as they conquered what is now Lebanon somewhere around 64 BC. Canterbury and Lebanese food are joined in time, and can be enjoyed by you here at Deliveroo!

We bring you traditional authentic Lebanese dishes from the best Lebanese kitchens in Canterbury. Lebanese food shares similar flavours with Turkish and Moorish cuisines. Hummus is a key component, as are grains like bulgur wheat. Lamb features a lot, but poultry is usually the staple meat in Lebanese food. Dishes like kibbeh, baba ghanoush, kafta, and vegetarian options like falafel, show just how vibrant and varied Lebanese food is.

Featuring an array of vegetables, Lebanese cuisine is great for vegetarians and vegans. Falafel and hummus are common vegetarian options, but there are more exotic dishes like fattoush salad or stuffed aubergine makdous. Lebanese food caters to every crowd in its vibrancy and variety, and here at Deliveroo, we make getting traditional Lebanese food delivered straight to your door easy.