Order Italian takeaway from nearby Aberdeen restaurants

Pizza is perfect but Italian food is so much more than just a flatbread topped with gooey goodness. Whether you're new to Italian cuisine or a seasoned fan, there's going to be pleasure on that plate every time. Deliveroo can take your order right now and bring a little piece of Italy into your home. If you're ready for a cozy night in, and in need of some serious pasta, simply choose the restaurant from our site, place an order and let delivery commence.

Italian food in Aberdeen is always authentic—prepared using simple yet flavorful ingredients. A great place to begin is with a nice big plate of tasty antipasti. Experience the flavors coming from artichoke hearts, pepperoncini and fresh mushrooms. Take a moment to savor the tastes. Here comes the essence of cheese and cured meats like capicola and prosciutto. And to think this is just the start!

Italians, Italian Food and the Scots

The Scottish and Italian cultures live in total harmony. It's a relationship that goes back more than 100 years. Over the past decades, Scots have embraced Italian cuisine to the point where something 'Italian' is often on the menu. Their love affair with all things pasta, pizzas and other traditional food dishes continues to grow. It's also why the demand for Italian takeaway is on the rise.

Olive oil, especially Extra Virgin, is an Italian staple found in many traditional dishes. Other staples comprise onion, garlic and fresh vegetables. This includes intense green veggies, which are often the star of the show. And let's not forget the other kitchen favorites too, namely Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan cheese) Grana Padano, and Balsamic vinegar.

There are plenty of vegetarian Italian meals out there for those who don't eat meat. Try the classic dish 'pasta cacio e pepe,' or 'Cannelloni with Swiss chard and fresh goat cheese to name two of many.Preparing a proper Italian meal is no easy feat, and homemade pasta can be a nightmare. So avoid cooking – Deliveroo will deliver fresh piping hot Italian food to your home in just minutes.