Order Indian takeaway from nearby St Andrews restaurants

Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the UK. Why wouldn’t it be with incredible dishes like fantastic favourites chicken tikka masala and crispy onion bhajis? But due to its high popularity, you won’t be surprised to see long queues coming out of your favourite Indian restaurant. So why not order in tonight and let Deliveroo bring you restaurant quality takeaway food.

With a blend of herbs and spices that conjure up their own special kind of magic, Indian cuisine really does hit that hungry spot, not only for meat lovers but also for those who are craving fish or are vegetarians. Look at the extensive menus offered to you from the best restaurants in the area, and decide what you want to eat. Then order online with us and we’ll bring your delivery right to you. It really is that simple to enjoy great food.

St Andrews: Find amazing Indian cuisine in the city with Deliveroo

Families in India love a stay-at-home family dinner, so how about bringing this culture back to British shores and ordering banquet to share with all your loved ones? You can experience tastes from the four corners of India right from your dining table. Some you’ll already know but others you’ll try and may want to keep in mind for next time.

One of the highlights of this cuisine are the side dishes. There’s nothing quite like a garlic naan, or if you have a sweet tooth, get yourself a peshwari and enjoy its amazing flavours. However much you order, our delivery staff will make sure your feast reaches you hot, fresh and perfectly prepared by professional restaurant chefs.

Enjoy curries ranging from the mild (korma) to the super hot (vindaloo) with your choice of meat, fish or vegetables. There are loads of vegetarian dishes available to choose from thanks to the authenticity of the food on offer. Puddings are also necessary, of course. Kulfi (Indian ice cream) and gulab jamun, an exquisite syrupy sponge ball, in particular are traditional Indian treats and are perfect in rounding off any deliciously successful meal. Now all you need to do is choose!