Order Indian takeaway from nearby Glasgow restaurants

Glasgow and a Friday night curry are as famous as the Old Firm and Rabbie Burns. But why wait for the weekend to eat great Indian food? The city is full of amazing places to order from and enjoy within the comfort of your own home! Chicken pakora anyone? Some vegetable samosas too? Definitely! What about some of those colourful yoghurt dips and papadums with pickled chutney and onions? And that’s just for starters.

Indian food encompasses so much in the way of taste, style and colour that it’s no wonder people can’t get enough curry. It’s a cuisine that encompasses many meat dishes, specialising in chicken, lamb, and beef. From jalfrezi to korma, madras to tandoori, there is plenty of choice. Scoop up some chicken korma and basmati, and order a restaurant-quality Indian takeaway tonight. We’ll do all the running around – put your feet up!

Glasgow: Incredible Indian curry for the masses

Indian rice dishes are noted for their unique and inspired use of herbs and spices, but it’s not all about the amazing and spicy tastes. The smells of Indian cuisine are something to be savoured. Like a warm-up before exercise, the aromas that emanate from the many flavours and ingredients really get the mouth-watering in preparation for the feast.

Who can resist the smoky, grilled charcoal taste of a tender tandoori chicken? Cooked in a clay oven, tandoori is so succulent that the meat literally slips off the bone. And why not beat the winter temperatures with some steamed basmati or saffron rice? If you prefer it hot n’ spicy then go for a beef madras. If you like it so hot, you’ll have steam coming out of your ears then go for the vindaloo. Both excellent ways to cure a cold.

Deliveroo aim to bring you the best in Glasgow’s famous Indian cuisine, offering great eating alternatives every night of the week. In just a quick click of the smart phone you could be enjoying the many succulent, delicious smells and tastes of India. Just make sure the plates are ready.