Greek food delivery in London

Let us bring a little Mediterranean sunshine into your life with your next food delivery, by ordering via the Deliveroo Greek section for London. We’ve brought the very best that London’s many and varied Greek restaurants have to offer and brought them together in one place – all you need to do is browse the selection, order online and let us deliver direct to your door with Olympic swiftness.

If the London weather is getting you down, then a delivery of restaurant-quality Greek food is sure to improve your day. Maybe you need you need a bit of a lift from your lunch? Or you want your dinner to brighten a dark evening? Whatever the occasion, there’s sure to be a Greek dish that will leave you feeling uplifted - and we can promise you've never had a takeaway quite like this.

London: Get Greek delicacies delivered straight to your door

No matter what the dish, Greek cooking really brings the best out of quality ingredients. Meats such as lamb are chargrilled carefully for maximum flavour, while fish dishes are designed to showcase the fruits of the Mediterranean. There is also a variety of meat-free options available, including juicy olives, stuffed vine leaves, and vegetable dishes.

Some of the most famous Greek meals are supremely comforting. Think of a hearty moussaka with tender minced lamb and creamy béchamel sauce. Or spanakopita with sharp feta cheese and fresh spinach encased in crisp filo pastry. There are also many lighter options on offer, however, including the classic Greek salad, or fasolada white bean soup.

Another highlight of Greek cuisine is soft and chewy flatbread, which is perfect dipped in hummus, tzatziki or taramasalata. Alternatively, it can be used to encase grilled meat in souvlaki, which make for a great snack to enjoy on the go or at a party. Whether you wash it down with a glass of ouzo or not, Greek cuisine is bound to leave you with a warm glow inside, whatever the weather.