Greek food delivery in Canterbury

As part of the Mediterranean food pantheon, Greek cuisine is complex, flavoursome, and delicious! Greek cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, with several modern Greek dishes dating back to the time of Ancient Greece. Here at Deliveroo, we bring you the vibrancy, variety, and tradition of Greece with restaurant-quality dishes from the most authentic ouzeri (tavern or restaurant) in Canterbury!

All of our delicious meals are made to order by top quality authentic Greek restaurants located right here in the city, and we deliver them straight to your door. So go mad for moussaka, meddle in some meze, and sink your teeth into some souvlaki. With Deliveroo it's easy to order a great meal from your local ouzeri. So enjoy the history, tradition, and taste of Greece at home today.

Canterbury: Opulent ouzeri right here in Kent

With several dishes like lentil soup dating back to Ancient Greece, Greek cuisine is one of the oldest and most varied in the world. At the centre of the Ancient world, Greek food drew influences from surrounding cultures as it evolved over the centuries. Feta cheese, for example, originated in the Byzantine Empire.

Many would recognise moussaka and meze as staples of Greek food. Lamb features heavily, as does Greek yoghurt in dressings and condiments. Feta and halloumi cheeses also play a crucial part. Greek food boasts great dishes like souvlaki skewers, brizola pork chops, kleftiko (lamb baked with vegetables), and pistachios (similar to moussaka but with pork and mint instead). Deliveroo brings this flavourful variety right to your doorstep.

In the vibrant cathedral city of Canterbury, Greek food is emerging as one of the favourites of the local food scene. With a high student population, Canterbury boasts some of the best and most varied food in the South East. And with plenty of great ouzeri to choose from through Deliveroo, no Greek food geek need be unsatisfied. So let us bring the history, tradition, and taste of Greece straight to your doorstep in a tasty takeaway.