Dessert delivery in St Andrews

For those who have a seriously sweet tooth, dessert is the course you most look forward to in your meal. Whether it’s the oohs of a cheerful chocolate mousse or the aahs of an amazing apple pie with cream, a pudding is something that will always put a wide smile on your face. Let Deliveroo do what we do best and bring the best takeaway desserts in the area right to your door.

We work with only the best restaurants in St Andrews, across many different cuisines. They all offer awesome desserts created by professional chefs with love and skill. We’ve listed them all for you to have a look through. Just decide which dessert tickles your fancy and order online with us. Before you know it, you’ll have a restaurant quality delivery winging its way to you. Get ready for some deliciously different desserts and delicious taste sensations!

St Andrews: Satisfy your sweet tooth in the dessert capital of Scotland

There are so many delicious Scottish desserts that you will struggle to choose at least one. If you’re angling for something sweet and Scottish, then you must treat yourself to a traditional cranachan. By devouring the marvellous mix of oats, whipped cream and fresh berries, you’re bound to satisfy your love for sweetness. Or, dive in to a sticky sultana toffee pudding, doused in the very best Scotch whisky.

Italians are the connoisseurs of fine dessert food with their delicious treats like tiramisu and panettone, but what they are most renowned for is the sheer variety of gelato on offer. Whatever flavour or flavours you decide to choose, we’ll strive to keep your order frozen and fantastic for your eating pleasure.

By clicking online and looking through the extensive dessert menus in St Andrews, you can eat the best of puddings from Scotland, Italy or anywhere else of your choosing. It’s an unwritten rule in Scotland that no meal is complete without something sweet and sensational; so let us bring it to you. Whether you’re finishing off a special dinner party or want something just for you, we can help. All you have to do now is choose!