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There’s a delicate balance in every plate of Thai cuisine. Each dish contains four yummy flavours: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. You’d never guess it by its taste alone, but almost every meal has a tiny sprinkling of sugar to lift its taste to heavenly heights. When you order Thai takeaway in Peterborough, your dish will carry regional influences from across the country. Vegetarian Thai has its roots in Bangkok, and the moreish kaeng khae curry was first crafted in the north of the country. Many dishes have been handed down from generation to generation. Thailand values its gastronomic history, so it’s managed to hold onto its finest recipes. Sticky rice adds much-needed balance and can be enjoyed cold, so feel free to save some leftovers for breakfast. In Thailand, you can eat lunch for dinner and dinner for breakfast! Thai locals don’t reserve dishes for different times of day, so why should you? Thai cuisine is deliciously healthy because it includes crisp veggies, nutrient-rich nuts, and delicious soy, which has amino acids and important minerals. Before you take your first bite, put down your chopsticks - Thai cuisine is to be enjoyed with a fork and spoon. It doesn’t get easier than that, so you can focus on your taste adventure instead.

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