Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Reigate restaurants

It’s one thing ordering a Chinese takeaway on a Friday night from the local corner restaurant and quite another going gourmet with Deliveroo. A premium delivery service needs excellent cuisine and with the finest Chinese establishments in Reigate covered, you can expect the best with Deliveroo. Enjoy platters of sautéed chicken with Szechuan chilli peppers and a bowl of noodles with bean paste. You won’t be disappointed with the taste of the dragon that is on offer in Reigate

With the sheer history of Chinese food, you expect authenticity and with Deliveroo that is exactly what you get. Food that is filling, delicious and never far away when you grab a takeaway that is better than the average. Order your favourite dishes from the Chinese menu and in a few clicks you can be sitting down to steaming plates of sesame toast and Chinese curry.

Oriental delights in Surrey

The Chinese eat many foods that may not be familiar to a village town in Reigate such as shark fin, snakes and dog and cat meat! The authentic chefs that cook in the restaurants dotted in Reigate know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to providing traditional Chinese cuisine. It’s no wonder that traditional Chinese fare is in abundance, where gourmet food is top of the popularity stakes and with Chinese, you get gourmet! Many of the dishes are based on traditional Chinese flavours and some come with their own European twist.

There’s a variety of seafood, rice and noodles that combine to make some of the most flavourful dishes. Enjoy sticky rice with slow roasted chicken and orange sauce, crunchy prawn crackers and chicken peanut satay can make your dinner so much more fun than cooking yourself at home.

Chinese food, whether street-style takeaway or restaurant quality dishes are never far away with Deliveroo. Get yourself comfy with chopsticks at the ready and let us bring you dishes packed with flavour. We’ve made eating in the new eating out. Don’t face the queues when you can dine in comfort from home.