Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Hereford restaurants

Sometimes nothing will hit that hungry spot quite like a Chinese feast. It’s a massively popular cuisine throughout the UK (and the rest of the world, come to that!). Whether you have a favourite Chinese restaurant in Hereford or not, we’ve found a way for you to have the same quality of chef-created food in the comfort of your own home. At Deliveroo, we want to make your life easier and sort the hard work for you, so we’ve got together with the best Chinese restaurants across the city.

Check out our listings to see all of the awesome dishes you can enjoy. Decide what you want to order and simply let us know online. Then crack out the chopsticks, pour the drinks and wait for us to come to you. Before you know it, we’ll be on your doorstep with your takeaway delivery of gorgeous grub. Perfect!

Hereford: A city with lots of Chinese food to choose from

Ideal if you’re feeding a group of buddies, and just as good eaten on your own, Chinese food has so much variety, with plenty to eat for carnivores and veggies alike. Let’s start with delicious appetisers. How about prawn wontons with a sweet and sour dipping sauce? Along with stir-fried tofu in a garlic and chilli dressing. Add in some prawn crackers, duck pancakes and crispy seaweed and your feast has begun in style.

Chinese soup is a pleasant palate cleanser between courses. Choose a classic like sweet corn and crabmeat broth, or wonton soup with prawn dumplings. For your main, you can’t beat crispy aromatic duck, fried in a spicy marinade, and served with spring onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce. Wrap your own and make them as fat with filling as you like!

Seafood lovers are in seventh heaven when it comes to Chinese cuisine, with a plethora of king prawn dishes on offer, including sweet and sour, garlic and black bean sauce and a simple stir-fry. Add in some special fried rice or one of the many noodle dishes on offer, and you have everything you need for a great night in.