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  • Courgette & Pea Frittersstar_filled

    Feta & roast pepper dip, pea shoots

  • Spinach Gyozastar_filled

    Black bean chilli oil, edamame, toasted sesame, tamari dipping sauce

  • Korean Fried Chick'n Burgerstar_filled

    Southern fried buttermilk chick’n, kimchi, KFC sauce, fragrant herbs, crispy shallots, gochujang mayo, vegan brioche bun

  • Kimchi Bokkeumbapstar_filled

    Fried rice, glazed Clean Bean tofu, crispy shallots, stir-fried vegetables, nori

  • Kiri Hodi star_filled

    Creamy coconut & curry leaf sauce, roast sweet potato, green beans, pea basmati, tomato coconut sambal, coconut cashews

  • Kaffir Lime Edamame

    Sweet green chilli sauce, toasted sesame