Our steaks come from premium Black-Angus cattle, bred in Argentina at hand-selected farms. Grazing on 17 different types of grass from the Pampas provinces of Argentina, our cows enjoy a lush, free-range lifestyle in an area famed for its fertile soil.


  • Argentine Beef Burgerstar_filled

    Monterey Jack, bacon, onion, peppered mayo, chips.

  • Chipsstar_filled

    Thyme salt.

  • Creamed Mashed Potatostar_filled

    Milk, cream.

  • Spinachstar_filled

    Garlic, lemon.

  • Tenderstem Broccolistar_filled

    Chilli, crispy garlic and soy dressing.

  • Pandebonostar_filled

    Cheese infused bread served with chimichurri butter