Franco Manca

Franco Manca’s 20-hour risen sourdough bases & Neapolitan roots has had the UK's attention since they fired up their ovens in 2008. With small details like their homemade British mozzarella and seasonal ingredients, this cult pizzeria is unmissable.


  • Pizza 2star_filled

    Organic tomato, British mozzarella & basil

  • Pizza 4star_filled

    Roasted cured ham, British mozzarella, ricotta & wild mushrooms [little tomato]

  • Pizza 5star_filled

    Organic tomato, garlic, oregano, capers, Kalamata black olives, Cantabrian anchovies & British mozzarella

  • Pizza 6star_filled

    Organic tomato, cured chorizo [Natural & Iberico] & British mozzarella

  • Pizza 7star_filled

    Traditional Neapolitan pork salami, wild broccoli, San Marzano tomato DOP & British Mozzarella

  • Nocellara Olives

    Green olives [Nocellara]