Curry Leaf Cafe

Named a 'Local Gem' in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2015-2020, Curry Leaf Cafe serves up South Indian street food, curries, tandoor dishes and craft beer in compostable, biodegradable packaging • VG=VEGAN • V=VEGETARIAN • NGI = NO GLUTEN INGREDIENTS • DF=DAIRY-FREE • N=CONTAINS NUTS / ★ = MILD ★★ = MEDIUM ★★★ = HOT


  • Spinach & Onion Pakoras (VG/NGI) 🌶️star_filled

    A Curry Leaf Cafe bestseller. Shredded spinach & onion mixed with chickpea & rice flour, fennel seeds, garlic and chilli then shaped into balls and deep-fried until crisp

  • Mushroom Manchurian (VG/NGI) 🌶️🌶️star_filled

    A popular IndoChinese street food dish packed with umami flavours. Mushrooms crisp-fried in spiced cornflour batter, tossed in a sweet, sour & spicy garlic, ginger and soy sauce, then topped with sliced spring onions

  • Goan Chicken Xacuti (DF/NGI) 🌶️🌶️star_filled

    An IndoPortuguese curry from Goa that’s packed with aromatic flavours. Boneless chicken thigh cooked in an onion & tomato sauce spiced with tamarind, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, star anise and mace. Recommended with: Steamed Rice / Plain Naan

  • Kadai Paneer (V/NGI) 🌶️star_filled

    A Punjabi roadside favourite. Cubes of Indian paneer cheese simmered in a creamy tomato sauce spiced with coriander seeds, fenugreek and dried red chilli. Recommended with: Steamed Rice / Plain Naan

  • Nihari Lamb (DF/NGI) 🌶️🌶️star_filled

    A celebrated Pakistani dish in which chunks of British lamb shoulder are slow-cooked in a rich, intensely spiced tomato & onion sauce flavoured with ginger, garlic, nutmeg and cardamom. Recommended with: Biriyani Rice / Garlic & Coriander Naan

  • Meal Deal for 2star_filled

    The ultimate meal for 2: choose any 2 tiffins* plus 2 naan breads * NB: excludes Nihari Lamb Tiffin *