Crafting food inspired by the party-inducing ‘rum shops’ of the Caribbean, Cotton’s Rhum Shack do wings, mutton, skewers and wraps – all enlived by jerk sauce. For a taste of it all, try the Mixed Meat Platter, featuring ribs, pork belly and wings.


  • Crayfish & Lobster Mac N Cheesestar_filled

    Cheese and herb topped crumb.

  • Salt Fish Frittersstar_filled

    Spiced mango chutney, chilli jam.

  • Cottons Curried Muttonstar_filled

    Made to our own recipe, served with rice & peas, coleslaw.

  • Mixed Jerk Grill Platterstar_filled

    Jerk pork rib, chicken piece & wing, lamb chop with rice & peas, jerk sauce and plantain.

  • Jerk Chickenstar_filled

    Served with rice & peas, plantain and jerk sauce.

  • BBQ Chicken Pieces

    Tomato salsa.