Order Vegetarian takeaway from nearby Swindon restaurants

More and more people have been ditching the meat and going veggie in recent years. As a result, restaurants have responded by adding more meat-free dishes to their menus. Some eateries trade exclusively in vegetarian fare, while others have high-quality vegetarian dishes on their menus. No matter what you fancy tonight, check out Deliveroo’s partner restaurants and see if they have anything you want.  

With just a few clicks, you can browse through the available dishes, choose your favourite food, and place your order. We’ll pick it up from the local restaurant kitchen, and bring it straight to your door. So whether you’re feeding a crowd or just want a change from cooking tonight, let Deliveroo bring you the food you deserve. There’s even vegetarian desserts available to round off the meal. Go on – treat yourself to something special.

Swindon: Try Vegetarian meals from around the world

 If you are looking for a sneaky and delicious way to eat healthy vegetables for dinner, scouting the internet for recipes to cook at home won't help. From the long ingredient list to the overall preparation time, cooking at home is just not the quickest and tastiest way to get your hands on delicious vegetarian food. Take advantage of Deliveroo’s range of partner restaurants and browse your way through various options for your meat-free dinner. 

Cuisines from all over the world have embraced vegetarian food in different ways. In Indian meals, paneer cheese often replaces meat. Try it in palak paneer, served with a spinach gravy. Chinese food often uses pounded gluten to create seitan, which is the basis of mock duck or mock chicken. Japanese food has a lot of tofu-based options, and sometimes vegetables are substituted in too – try a vegetarian katsu curry for breaded slices of sweet potato and aubergine served with rice and Japanese curry sauce.  

Avoiding meat doesn’t have to make your meals boring. Experience a whole world of food when you order through Deliveroo. Whether you fancy an Italian takeaway or a delivery of hearty Mexican food, we’ve got you covered.