Vegetarian food delivery in Sheffield

Sheffield is a vibrant city with a wonderful choice of restaurants. Whatever type of cuisine you crave, with Deliveroo you can now have it delivered right to your door. So when you want the best vegetarian takeaway in town, just go online to look at our online vegetarian menu listings for the city and you can enjoy a meat-free feast for delivery.

Thanks to creative chefs and fabulously fresh local produce, eating vegetarian food no longer means missing out on flavour. You can choose from Mexican and Italian food to French, Lebanese, American and Indian, all made from the best seasonal vegetables. So whether you want a meat-free moussaka, Italian pasta pesto, a lovely lemon linguine, creamy vegetable korma with rice and naan, or a bursting vegetable burrito filled with beans and rice, just order with Deliveroo. It’ll arrive at your door in no time, courtesy of our dedicated riders.

Sheffield: Easy vegetarian eating

Whether you want a meat-free mid-week meal for one or you plan to invite a group of friends round that includes vegetarians, don’t worry about finding ideas of what to cook. Go online with Deliveroo and be inspired by our selection of vegetarian restaurant menus to find your perfect dinner-party dishes. Meat-free eating is now tastier than ever, in fact, even meat-eaters will want to try it! 

A breakfast of spinach and poached eggs, crunchy fruit and granola or a hearty omelette, a lunchtime snack of portobello mushroom burgers with sweet potato fries and coleslaw, a lovely Lebanese falafel with yoghurt dressing, or fabulous French onion and goat’s cheese tarts.

Or, why not tuck into a fiery Mexican bean chilli served with fluffy rice, a creamy aubergine moussaka from sunny Greece, or a mouth-watering wood-fired pizza with your favourite toppings for dinner/ These are just a few of the tantalising options to choose from. The world is literally your vegetarian oyster! Meat-free eating certainly doesn’t mean missing out. Deliveroo make it so easy to eat restaurant food at home that eating in has definitely become the new eating out.