Order Thai takeaway from nearby Shrewsbury restaurants

Craving some of the unique tastes of South East Asia? Thanks to Deliveroo, not only do you not need to board a plane for such delights, you don’t even need to step foot outside your front door. We work with only the best restaurants in Shrewsbury to offer you the finest Thai dishes, each of which is carefully prepared and cooked.  

Our menu listings include traditional Thai dishes such as a spicy green curry and khao pad, as well as modern adaptations such as pad thai and som tum, all of which are certain to leave you and your guests feeling satisfied. Steer clear of the busy town centre tonight by placing an order with us, and it will be ready in no time. Made up of seafood, meats, vegetables and delicious sides, Thai cuisine is some of the freshest and healthiest around. And we deliver direct to your door!  

Shrewsbury: Delicious Thai cuisine on your doorstep

You can enjoy a full moon party in your own home thanks to Deliveroo, with a top-quality Thai food delivery from us the ideal choice for sharing with friends or family. Or, if it’s a meal for one you’re after, at the end of a long day’s work, Thai cuisine has plenty of options to suit that too.

Thai dishes are spicy, tender and unique, with only the most fragrant and flavoursome produce used. Whether it is a beautifully prepared khao soi or a satisfying noodle soup you’re looking for, a whole host of Asian delicacies are just minutes away.  

Don’t stop at just a main dish, with some of the tastiest starters, sides and desserts available to order, and designed to satisfy even the fussiest of palettes. The fact that you can enjoy such flavours without even leaving your home makes it all the more satisfying, with Deliveroo doing all the hard work for you. And yes, we cater for vegetarian and gluten-free eaters, with the gang phed jay one of the most popular dishes on offer. Its blend of healthy bean curds and fresh coconut milk is just a sample of the uniqueness of Thai cuisine.