Order Thai takeaway from nearby Hereford restaurants

Curry has long been a staunch favourite for us Brits, but creeping up on the inside track with its daring colours, sensational smells and fiery flavours is Thai cuisine. With top-rated restaurants providing authentic Thai dishes, Hereford city is at the forefront of the race, spreading the love for this mouth-watering international fare.

Whether you’re at home or at work, if you find yourself daydreaming of a trip to the East where the sandy beaches sparkle beneath the all-day sun, remember that with Deliveroo that dreams can come true. We might not be able to bring you the beaches exactly, but we can follow our noses along Hereford’s bustling ancient streets in pursuit of the very best of exotic aromas and provide a takeaway delivery straight to your door or desk. Simply order your favourite Thai dishes through Deliveroo, and enjoy it at home with none of the fuss of heading out.

Hereford: Try Thai treats from the best restaurants in town

From soups to satays and salads, Thai cuisine stands head and shoulders above the rest with its passion and pride not just for striking flavours, but for its bright colours and fragrant herbs. The appearance is equally as important as the taste, making Thai food a real meal of passion and pride.

Hereford, perhaps more famous for its cider and beef, has emerged as an unlikely hub for truly authentic Thai cuisine with the city’s Thai restaurants strutting amongst the very best it has to offer. Hereford’s Thai restaurants boast authentic chefs who channel all of their passion and pride into their traditional dishes creating both works of art and stunning feasts.

Whether you’re looking for the mellow warming taste of a comforting pad Thai or the flaming flavours of a kang dang, whether you’re hankering for traditional spring rolls or for the crispy coated prawns, let Deliveroo bring it all to you. We can’t order you the sun or the sand, but with your senses full of Hereford’s exemplary Thai food then it won’t take much imagination to transport yourself there from the comfort for your own home, without ever having to brave the elements.