Order Thai takeaway from nearby Glasgow restaurants

The quintessential Thai flavours, tempting aromas and bold colours are enough to turn you into a foodie. Thai food is one of the tastiest in the world. Nevertheless, there are specific dishes that will make you fall in love with rice and seafood again. Deliveroo features Thai restaurants in Glasgow that offer takeaway delivery to your home or place of work!

Phat kaphrao is a food staple that seamlessly combines fresh chillies with flash-fried meat and loads of garlic. This scrumptious curry is served with fried egg. Yummy! Tom yum goong or spicy shrimp soup is a refreshing blend of chillies, lemongrass, galangal, fish sauce, shallots, lime leaves and lemon juice. These rare ingredients give this legendary soup a unique herbal taste. Add in some succulent mushrooms and you have the best exotic dish. If you wish to have interesting Thai dishes in Glasgow, order them from Deliveroo.

Glasgow: Terrific Thai food available

What’s so wonderful about Thai food? It’s colourful, aromatic and savoury. Thai chefs use a vibrant variety of ingredients, seasoning and herbs that make it absolutely delicious and tempting. If you’re bored of regular sandwiches, burgers and tacos, order exotic Thai dishes through Deliveroo.

We feature local restaurants in Glasgow that serve hot and spicy dishes like the famous red curry. This savoury red dish is prepared with meat chunks, smooth coconut milk, red curry paste and sliced kaffir lime leaves that give it a fragrant aroma. The flavour is so unique that it gets your taste buds tingling. Yam nua is a prominent member of the ‘Salad Hall of Fame’. This fiery salad contains Thailand’s local bread yam mixed with different vegetables like coriander, onions, dried chillies, spearmint and lime. For meat-lovers, the chefs add tender strips of beef to this unique salad. Likewise, khao phat puu is a fried rice dish with chunks of egg and crab.

If you want to try different food varieties, order exotic Thai food at Deliveroo and have it delivered to you so you can savour a piping hot bowl of Thai food with your loved ones at home!