Order Thai takeaway from nearby Cheltenham restaurants

Get tempting Thai treats delivered direct to your door in Cheltenham with Deliveroo’s online menu listings for the city. There’s a treasure trove of Thai dishes waiting to be discovered, but rather than embark on your own odyssey around the city’s restaurants to track them down, we’ve done the hard work for you. Just take a look at the wide selection of dishes on offer, decide what you fancy and order online. You’ll be tucking into tom yum before you know it.

There’s never a bad time to opt for Thai food. It’s a surprisingly diverse cuisine, with a wide variety of dishes to suit every occasion and palate. From a steaming plate of noodles for lunch, to a pizza banquet in the evening, via an appetising range of salads and party nibbles, there’s bound to be something to suit you. You needn’t miss out on your Thai fix again.

A treasure trove of tempting Thai treats in Cheltenham with Deliveroo

Curries are a perennial favourite of Thai cuisine, and whether you choose a green, red or yellow variety, you’re sure to be satisfied. Tender meat, chicken or seafood is slowly braised in an aromatic sauce. Served with steamed jasmine rice and sprinkled with fresh coriander, it’s a great alternative to your usual takeaway.

There are also many noodle dishes, including the famous pad thai. There’s something about the combination of fresh, juicy prawns, crunchy peanuts and intensely savoury nam pla fish sauce that really hits the spot. Thai soups are also warming and comforting. With sharp lime, warming chilli and savoury galangal paste, they offer a uniquely satisfying taste sensation.

For a tempting spread to share with friends, or as an appetizer, there is also a great selection of small, savoury morsels that are perfect when washed down with a glass of refreshing Thai lager. Chicken satay, for instance; skewered chunks of chicken in a moreish peanut-flavoured sauce, or Thai fishcakes, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Whatever Thai delights you’d like, there’s no easier way to get hold of them than with Deliveroo – just order online and your food will swiftly wing its way to your front door.