Order Thai takeaway from nearby Belfast restaurants

Thai food is aromatic, delicious and balanced, with delicious dishes giving a spicy edge to familiar combinations. And it’s a fabulous choice to order in through Deliveroo from your favourite restaurant when you’re looking for an extra special big night in. Particularly good for a dinner party, or for a big group of people, the choice of nibbles and small dishes means people get a taste of lots of different foods.

From a simple pad thai (noodles with chicken, prawn, egg and a sweet sauce, covered in crushed peanuts), to the deep flavours of a massaman curry, there are endless variations of Thai food to enjoy. At Deliveroo we’ve gathered all the finest Thai cuisine in Belfast and handily listed it for you. Relax, scroll through, choose your dishes and order online – we’re more than happy to arrange delivery right to your door. What could be better?

Belfast: A city of contrasts and lots of great Thai food

Thai food is all about intricate flavours with fresh ingredients and skilled cooking. Belfast is home to many premium Thai restaurants and is a great city to diversify when it comes to choosing what to eat. The great thing about ordering Thai food in is that all of that complexity and skill is handled by someone else! In order to cook authentic Thai dishes at home you’d need to gather so many ingredients and spices that it’s a much more practical (and fun) idea to order in and get your takeaway delivered to you.

Lots of popular Thai dishes originated in China and were introduced to Thailand back in the 15th century. Thai chefs gradually adapted these dishes with their own spices, resulting in dishes like kaeng kari (also known as yellow curry). Eventually Western influences altered the cuisine again into the Thai food we know and love today.

So, what do you fancy? How about some tom yam (sour Thai) soup? Or perhaps some phat kaphrao? This is meat fried with kapharo (holy basil), loads of chilli and garlic, served with rice and topped with a fried egg. Whatever you choose, we promise it’ll be delicious!