Sushi delivery in Stirling

Whether you love your California rolls or prefer to get stuck into some sashimi, sushi is always worth ordering when you want something a bit special. A perfect meal out, sushi is an even better dish in. But what if you want to ensure you get only the best restaurant-quality sushi for your takeaway delivery? Ordering through Deliveroo will make sure nothing but the best reaches your door.

We’ve done all of the hard work and found the best sushi restaurants across Stirling. Whether you already have your favourite, or are looking to try somewhere new, have a look through our listings to find the perfect sushi dishes. Order through us and simply wait for us to bring your delivery right to your door. Meanwhile relax with your family and friends, with the knowledge that quality food is on its way.

Stirling: Get stuck into delicious Sushi

Much of the sushi enjoyed in the West is a kind of fusion cuisine, incorporating Western tastes into traditional sushi. Whether you prefer this or want to stick to dishes that are very authentic, you’re in luck. Lots of people love the fresh and exotic experience of sashimi. This is simply raw fish, and doesn’t incorporate any other ingredients the same way sushi does.

Although most sashimi is completely raw, some kinds aren’t due to the need for tenderness. For example, eel (unagi) is served cooked, as is tako (octopus). If you want the raw experience, stick to ahi (tuna), ikura (salmon) and hamachi (yellow tail).

Sashimi served on a moulded mound of rice is known as nigiri and is a cross between sushi and sashimi. Sushi uses rice and many other ingredients, including loads of vegetables and, of course, nori (seaweed). Popular sushi rolls include spicy tuna, California (crab, avocado and cucumber), rainbow (crab, avocado and sashimi) and dragon roll (cucumber, eel and avocado). Don’t forget the pickled ginger to cleanse your palate in between courses, the soy sauce to flavour the sushi and wasabi (Japanese horseradish) for a fiery kick. Warm up some sake for added authenticity.