Sushi delivery in Sheffield

It’s fitting that residents of the Steel City can get scintillating slices of sushi served up faster than a samurai sword in action, thanks to the Deliveroo takeaway sushi section for Sheffield. Reach for your chopsticks, order online and we’ll do the rest, whisking the very best sushi the city’s restaurants have to offer directly to your door in no time. Entertaining guests or enjoying a meal for one, Deliveroo are sure to have something for you.

Of course, there’s more to sushi than just raw fish, although tempting slivers of salmon and tuna dipped in wasabi and soy are certainly central to its appeal. It’s actually a surprisingly varied and versatile choice, with a great range of meat, fish and vegetable options. Sheffield has more sushi on offer than ever before, and there’s no easier way to get hold of some than by ordering via Deliveroo.

Sheffield’s very best sushi, delivered direct to your door via Deliveroo

When it comes to versatility, whether you’re looking for fuel for a busy day, a romantic dinner for two or a party platter to be shared by a hungry group, sushi is an ideal takeaway food. In particular, it’s lighter and healthier than many alternatives, without skimping on taste.

There’s also a good deal of variety when it comes to ingredients. While fish-lovers can enjoy their favourites either raw or cooked, meat-eaters are catered for by fillings and toppings such as teriyaki chicken and seared beef. Vegetarians are not overlooked, and they can sample the delights of cucumber or avocado rolls and omelette nigiri, as well as inari-zushi; tempting pockets of fried tofu filled with rice.

Finally, there is also a great selection of styles to try. Nigiri are soft pillows of rice topped with fish, meat or vegetables. Maki rolls come in either thin hoso or fat futo varieties, in both cases often encased in tasty, nutritious nori seaweed. For something a bit out of the ordinary there’s the California roll, which has the seaweed on the inside and adds different ingredients, such as mayonnaise and avocado into the mix.