Sushi delivery in Norwich

Norwich will stand for nothing less than top-notch nigiri, as you can see by the vast selection of sushi restaurants here. From the freshest California rolls to the crispiest tempura, Norwich natives require the best. It’s not a mystery why sushi has become one of the most popular foods in England these days – but if you haven’t had the pleasure of tucking into temaki, where have you been? It’s time to indulge in some of the healthiest cuisine around.

While the sushi in Norwich may be fresh, the restaurant experience has grown stale. You should be able to enjoy your eel roll from your armchair, or have your rainbow roll right at your kitchen table. Now, with Deliveroo’s online menu listings, it’s never been easier to get an absolutely phenomenal takeaway delivery. Choose your favourite dishes, and we will do the rest.

Norwich: Take your taste buds to Tokyo with sublime sushi

So, you want some sushi but you don’t want to go out to get it. Sometimes we don't have the energy to head out to get dinner - or to try and use chopstocks in public. Though we can’t teach you how to use them, we will certainly make it easier for you and yours to enjoy sushi beyond the watchful eyes of the masses.

Many sushi restaurants in Norwich are covered by Deliveroo, so your biggest concern is which place to pick. Once you’ve found the right restaurant, take all the time you need perusing the bounty of sushi rolls at your fingertips. Sake, wasabi, miso soup, teriyaki chicken - go big with your order to enjoy the delights of Japan. Don’t fear if raw fish isn’t your thing either; order vegetarian or cooked meat versions of your maki.

We’re standing by to make sure that your dreams of fresh sushi are satisfied, as quickly and easily as possible. From the explosive flavours of vinegared rice and salmon, to a crispy shrimp tempura roll, you can get it with us. So, get your night rolling, and let Deliveroo bring you the best sushi in town.