Sushi delivery in Loughborough

A recent addition to the local culinary map, sushi is popular with many diners in Loughborough for lunch and dinner. Hand-crafted using raw fish, crunchy vegetables, black seaweed wrap and fluffy rice, bite-sized rolls provide a more adventurous alternative to stale sandwiches and limp salads and leave you craving more – and more!

With a little soy sauce for dipping and a pair of chopsticks, sushi does the job without being too filling or greasy. When you’re in the mood for something lighter, fresher and cleaner than the usual takeaway fare then sushi is the answer – it’s delicious. With Deliveroo you can get excellent sushi delivered to your door. Simply pick your favourites, place your order and our delivery team will bring your food to you. Plus, any order will arrive from the most reputable restaurants in town, so you really can dine in style and comfort.

From the sea to your kitchen in next to no time

Sushi is the ideal food to order if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to spend too long eating. Served in small portions, you’ll find all kinds of treats that work well as fillings. The most common ones come directly from the sea, with salmon, shrimp and tuna (all served raw) featuring in sushi rolls such as futomaki and makizushi.

Each piece is kept in place with nori, a dried seaweed wrap that holds the rice, fish and vegetables together so that you won’t make a mess! The vegetables used in sushi include cucumber, avocado, carrot, daikon (Japanese radish), beansprouts and bamboo shoots. They add a little crunch to make each bite a delight.

If you’re working from home, having a day off or are at a loose end because you have nothing planned on a weekend, sushi will more than suffice. It’s a surprisingly social dish, with so many different combinations of fillings and flavours that you’re sure to find several types you like. Washed down with a cup of green tea or a crisp, refreshing lager, you’ll be taken to the backstreets of Tokyo without so much as moving from your seat!