Sushi delivery in Livingston

Sushi is the ultimate when it comes to quick and easy lunch food. When you’re swamped in the office, you need sashimi to keep you going into the afternoon to make sure you meet your deadlines. Little rolls of seaweed, fish and rice - your lunch won’t get much healthier than that. No time to go out to a sushi joint to eat? You need Deliveroo to bring you a tasty takeaway of sushi. Our fresh delivery will be at the office before you know it!

Steer clear of stodgy sandwiches and sugary drinks this lunch time because you’ll end up in a slump mid-meeting. Choose the healthy option and enjoy top-quality sushi from one of the best restaurants in Livingston. You’ll have fresh nigiri with plenty of wasabi at your desk in a flash so you won’t miss a thing!

Livingston: Sumptuous sushi at your fingertips!

When you have a craving for California rolls, you shouldn’t have to settle for sub par sushi. With so many amazing sushi restaurants in Livingston to choose from, you’ll be utterly spoilt! Browse our sushi menus for the city, pick a platter of your favourite types of sushi and place your order. It’ll be the best takeaway you’ve had and it’s guilt-free!

If you like your sushi with the rice on the outside, or wrapped up tight in the shape of a cone, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with Deliveroo. Raw fish may not be your thing but you will have plenty of vegetable options to choose from too! Or you can enjoy eel that will be cooked to perfection, as will octopus and shrimp. Tempura will be lightly battered and fried so it will be fish that’s a little closer to home!

Takeaway is tempting but now you can enjoy your delivery of delicious sushi, prepared to perfection, from the comfort of your home or office. This is healthy takeaway from some of the best restaurants in town so what are you waiting for? Place your order for temaki takeaway now!