Sushi delivery in Lancaster

The growing popularity of Asian food across the UK over the last 30 years has led to an explosion of Chinese, Indian and Japanese restaurants. Great news for people who love spicy, exotic, and authentic dishes when treating themselves. Lancaster has its share of excellent quality restaurants serving Japanese cuisine of all kinds, and one of the most popular is sushi.

Partly due to its reputation as a healthier take on restaurant food, sushi is always a favourite. With so many different varieties on offer, different combinations of raw fish, cooked fish, sushi rice, vegetables and the added touches of nori (seaweed), wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste) and pickled ginger, sushi is a taste sensation. It’s also a great cuisine to choose if you are eating with family and friends, as it lends itself well to being shared and enjoyed by a group.

Enjoy amazing sushi from restaurants across Lancaster

Restaurant-quality sushi is a thing of beauty and, thanks to Deliveroo, you can get this delivered right to your door. We’ve partnered with the most reputable sushi restaurants across Lancaster and listed their menus for you to look through. Once you’ve decided what you want to eat and ordered online, we’ll drop your takeaway delivery off to you as soon as we can. Simple, sleek and perfect - a bit like sushi!

Whether you’re looking for a combination of sushi rolls or prefer sashimi dishes (raw fish), you’ll find something perfect in our listings. Sushi is made with sticky rice, flavoured with mirin (Japanese vinegar), and shaped into various rolls. You can also find combinations of sashimi and sushi, and for some people it’s good to know that not all sashimi is raw. Some is boiled or grilled (usually octopus and eel), and others are cooked in a marinade.

Although meat has never been a main focus in sushi dishes, you can still find wafer-thin beef and other meats in some offerings. It’s a great cuisine for vegetarians, as there are almost endless combinations of vegetables, rice, seaweed and omelette dishes.