Sushi delivery in Inverness

Many people discovered the sheer joy of munching on sushi many years ago, and have their established favourite rolls, sashimi and tempura. Others have yet to make the leap to trying this highly popular Japanese food. Chances are, you already have your favourite sushi restaurant in Inverness, and know exactly where to go to satisfy your craving. But what about eating restaurant-quality sushi in the comfort of your own home?  

You could show off at a dinner party for your friends, furnishing them with loads of authentic Japanese sushi dishes to try. Or you could enjoy getting your chopsticks stuck into this healthy takeaway with your family or partner. Great for a romantic night in, too, sushi is the perfect shareable food to enjoy without the hassle of heading out to a restaurant. If this sounds right up your street, then we’re delighted to make it happen.  

Inverness: Simply special sushi found throughout the city

Simply order through our online menu listings for Inverness, and we’ll wing your delivery to you as soon as we can. It’s that simple – you get all the great food with none of the hassle. Or the washing up! So, get your chopsticks, soy sauce and wasabi ready and have a think about what you’d like to order. If you’re not sure, we can help there too.  

If you absolutely adore fish, then you should start with sashimi and nigiri. Sashimi is raw fish, served alone. The simplicity and the freshness of the product make this a delicious delicacy. Nigiri is sashimi on a square of sushi meshi, the sweet and mirin-infused rice that forms the basis of all sushi. You can find lots of different types of sashimi commonly listed, including ahi (tuna), hamachi (yellow tail) and hotate (scallop). Other types are cooked, including ebi (prawn) and tako (octopus).  

To go along with (or instead of) your sashimi, there are loads of sushi rolls to choose from, including authentic Japanese dishes and those heavily influenced by American sushi (such as California rolls). There are so many sushi dishes to try, your only problem will be making the choice.