Sushi delivery in Gloucester

Japan, the country of sushi’s origin, is known for its Zen-like practices, beautiful meditation gardens, and commitment to spirituality. So why is going to a sushi restaurant such a stressful ordeal? Gloucester, we know you love the unique, fresh flavours of a rainbow roll and are smitten by the sweetness of shrimp tempura, but there’s a downside to sushi restaurants: the pressure to make your food selections in a timely manner, and the crowds!

Deliveroo has a solution that will restore your Zen-like enjoyment of sushi, without any compromise of flavour. Now, you can take as much time as you need to order sushi, and we will deliver it directly to your door! Allow yourself to breathe a sigh of relief. No more crowds, no more pressure. (And no more judgement if your chopsticks skills aren’t particularly strong.)

Gloucester: Rain or shine, sushi is fine!

While deciding which rolls to order can be a stress-inducing process, you still want to have as vast a selection as you would at your favourite Gloucester sushi restaurant. Deliveroo offers you that, because we will deliver your takeaway order directly from those very restaurants! The process is simple: Enter your postal code, and you will be shown sushi establishments that deliver to your area. From there, you can make your selections.

Then, simply sit back and relax, and in no time, a rider will arrive at your door, sushi, sashimi, and —I f you fancy it — sake in tow. From there, you will be able to recreate the authentic sushi restaurant experience, without all of the unnecessary stressors! In this way, Deliveroo takes a page from the Japanese mindset of enlightenment. That’s the way sushi should be done!

Perhaps you’d like to try tamago, a sweet and light egg omelette with nori sushi. Or, maybe you’re feeling extra-excited about emi, butterflied prawn sushi. Even if you’re more of a traditionalist, and just crave a California roll, that’s quite all right with Deliveroo! You’re the sushi master here, and we’re simply here to fulfill your wishes!