Sushi delivery in Edinburgh

Sushi is a great choice for healthy takeaway. It’s a traditional Japanese delicacy, comprising raw fish and rice, so there's not much there that's bad for you. And even better, it's completely delicious, delivering the fresh flavours of the sea straight to you.

Sushi is about combinations and surprises. Seafood together with a small block of rice is wrapped in a thin sheet of seaweed. Add a bit of soy sauce, wasabi, a sprinkle of ginger, and you have a veritable treat for the palette! It’s also an exciting meal to share because it’s presented in manageable mouthfuls and pieces perfect for picking from an open spread. If you love seafood then you can’t go wrong with sushi. Seafood and rice wrapped in seaweed is so tasty with wasabi and ginger.

Edinburgh: Sushi is the stylish modern choice in Asian cuisine

Deliveroo brings sushi lovers of Edinburgh a wonderful healthy option straight to their door. Fresh fish and seafood, rice cooked to perfection, miso soup, wasabi, pickled ginger, chopsticks and plum wine will make for an interesting and flavoursome evening.

Mouthwatering selections include spicy tuna rolls, California rolls made with crab and avocado, Rainbow rolls topped with raw fish, and tempura rolls made in the Japanese style of deep frying using a light batter. For the more daring connoisseur, try the Dragon rolls made with eel.

Have you ever wondered what those black wrappers around sushi portions are made of? The answer might surprise you. It’s actually a type of seaweed called nori. Nori is a form of algae. It was grown along the harbours of Japan by locals who knew of its health benefits. The people cultivated it as an ingredient frequently used in their cooking. We challenge you to find a healthier and more tasty option than sushi. Simply order sushi dinner through Deliveroo, and we'll bring you a speedy delivery, letting you enjoy great sushi takeaway at home. That's something worth staying at home for.