Sushi delivery in Derby

If what you crave is beautifully prepared Japanese sushi then you’ve come to the right place. We at Deliveroo have sought some of the finest restaurants around so that we can provide you with excellent sushi that we know you’ll enjoy. Have a look through our restaurant and menu options for Derby to see what’s available.

At Deliveroo we like to mix things up slightly. The traditional requirement that you trek out to a restaurant to have a nice meal seems a bit silly to us when we could bring the finest food straight to you. When you order from us we’ll make a swift delivery to ensure you have a great meal from the comfort of home. All you need to do is check out the menus, choose your favourite sushi and let us know what you want. It’s a top-quality takeaway tailored to you. 

Derby: Sushi with style

Derby has so many great restaurants it can be hard to choose what kind of cuisine to go for as it’s all so good. However, what with the specially prepared raw meat and fish, the beautiful miniature plates of food and the elegance of the whole cuisine, sushi really stands out as something deliciously different.

With their years of training and special techniques, sushi chefs produce some incredible food that creates a completely unique taste sensation. For someone new to this Japanese cuisine, a good choice would be norimaki. Nori rolls are a combination of rice and fish or vegetable rolled in nori – sheets of dried seaweed. These parcels are perfect as they are but are also nice dipped in soy sauce and a little wasabi, though this can be overpowering, so proceed with caution!

For those more accustomed to this exotic cuisine, sashimi is an absolute delight. These thin slices of raw fish and meat have a very different texture to their cooked counterparts and quite a different flavour too. Salmon is a very popular choice, having an almost buttery quality that is impossible to resist. Whatever you choose, with Deliveroo you know it’ll be delicious.