Sushi delivery in Cardiff

If you’d like to indulge in something a little bit different, something that is also a healthy option for home-delivered food, then why not try sushi? Sushi is the popular Japanese cuisine focused on raw fish and seafood. It’s a meal presented in many small, bite-sized pieces. Perfect for a quick fix or to enjoy with some friends.

Sushi chefs likes to play with ingredients. Variety is key. Take a piece of tuna fish and a small block of rice. Wrap it all up in a thin sheet of seaweed (yes, that’s seaweed), add a bit of soy sauce, wasabi, a dash of ginger, and you’ve got a mouthwatering and unique-tasting meal! Now change the type of seafood to marinated king prawn, add a few slices of different vegetables with the rice and you have another amazing design for the palette.

Cardiff: Seriously good Sushi!

With our sushi home delivery service, we’re helping to provide Cardiffians with another great, healthy food option. Sushi’s main ingredients are seafood and rice, turned into miniature works of art, and served with powerful sides like wasabi (a green paste made from horseradish), pickled ginger and soya sauce. Never eaten sushi before? Not sure what to order? For a starter, why not try some miso soup.

For an authentic experience, make sure to order some plum wine with your main dish. The popular spicy rolls are a must! California rolls contain crab, lobster and avocado – very posh! Tempura rolls are cooked using the Japanese style of deep frying, using only a light batter for a crispy crunch.

Sushi portions are wrapped with a seaweed called nori, which is actually a form of algae. Sushi has an extensive history, and it’s known that a long way back, local people in Japan cultivated nori as an ingredient for their cooking, because of its health benefits. Just browse our online restaurant and menu listings to order your selection – and remember, we only work with the best chefs in Cardiff, so this is far different to standard takeaway fare.