Sushi delivery in Bristol

There’s one type of food you should never shy away from in Bristol and that’s sushi. Even if you have never tried it, it’s one of those cuisines you should have on the bucket list. Delicate rice balls flavoured with vinegar and topped with a sliver of raw fish make for a meal like you’ve never experienced. Intricately prepared, the best sushi chefs in Bristol know what they’re doing, from nigirizushi to makizushi and beyond.

Authentic Japanese sushi is considered gourmet food and while many people use chopsticks, it’s traditionally eaten by hand. The enormous number of varieties means there is something for everyone with sushi, from the raw options to the cooked. Order with Deliveroo’s extensive online menus for Bristol and you can enjoy restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to hang around – we’re renowned for our speedy delivery.

Bristol: Bites of culinary heaven

Sushi has a long history and it’s a cuisine that is continually evolving. In a city like Bristol, you’ll find some authentic sushi without much trouble but if you’re looking for true tradition, you’ll need Deliveroo. Sushi has become hugely popular in the West of England in recent years and you can find it prepacked everywhere. The trouble with this packaged version is that it doesn’t taste half as good as when it’s freshly prepared and brought to your door by Deliveroo.

It's all about the rice, so if the rice isn’t freshly prepared, you won’t be eating great sushi. Start with the white-fleshed fish for a milder taste and move onto darker slivers of fish for stronger flavours. Dip the fish side of the sushi in soy sauce rather than the rice, so you don’t overpower the flavour!

It’s not all about raw fish, for those who may be wrinkling their noses at this. If you’re a squid fan, how about having it spicy, coated and fried until it’s beautifully golden? The trick to getting the best out of your sushi is to try a bit of everything. Order a Bento box of takeaway sushi and you’ll be converted!