Pizza delivery in Swansea

Swansea might not have the balmy temperatures and the Mediterranean climate of Italy, but it does share spectacular beaches and a love of exceptional pizza. Pizza is a big deal in Swansea, with the city boasting pizzerias that are some of the best in Wales. And now, thanks to Deliveroo, you don’t need to venture out into the busy streets in order to get the best pizzas the city has to offer. Order your feast through us and we’ll deliver your pizza, steaming hot and perfectly presented, right to your home or office.

Swansea, a veritable hub of talented pizza chefs, gives diners a taste of the real Italy with its authentic family-run establishments and dependable chain restaurants that you can find across the country. With the variety on offer, all accessible from our online menu listings, it’s easy to find your own slice of delivery pizza heaven.

Swansea: The undisputed pizza capital of Wales

Longing for a takeaway pizza that doesn’t drip with grease? Desperate for something a little more refined and authentic? Turn to Deliveroo and let us work our magic, transforming Swansea’s best pizzerias into a personal bespoke takeaway service just for you, whether you’re at home or even at work. You can be the envy of all of your colleagues with a piping-hot pizza delivery from Deliveroo.

With an order from us there’s no need to trek into town, or navigate the gauntlet of one-way systems (and don’t even get us started on the parking). We’ll cut out the middle man and deliver your feast directly to you. We’re talking homemade, hand-spun and stone-baked in wood-fired ovens. In short, we’re talking some of the best pizzas in Wales, right on your doorstep.

When you’ve got friends and family round, there’s no need to spend an age grating the cheese and then cracking off the inevitable burnt crusts – order through Deliveroo and we’ll fetch you a cooked-to-perfection pizza feast, leaving you with more time to spend with friends while you await the ring of the doorbell. So get your napkins at the ready and prepare for a night of pizza perfection.