Pizza delivery in Cheltenham

In the past, when you really felt like enjoying a top-quality pizza, but didn’t want to scour the city’s restaurants to track one down, or even go out, you’d have been left with a problem. But now, there’s help at hand, in the form of Deliveroo’s online pizza menu listings for Cheltenham, and superlative direct-to-your-door delivery service. Our listings cover all the bases by bringing together the best pizza options the city has to offer. All that remains for you to do is see what you fancy and order with a few clicks.

There are many occasions when a pizza is the perfect food. It can make a filling and satisfying snack or lunch. On the other hand, it can form the basis of a decadent dinner for one. Having a few pizzas is the ideal way to entertain a larger group. Whatever you need, Deliveroo are here to assist.

Get topping pizza delivered to your door in Cheltenham with Deliveroo

When it comes to pizzas, some of the old favourites really take a lot of beating. Classic takeaway combinations such as (Chelten)ham and pineapple or pepperoni meat feast are supremely satisfying. Whether you prefer a deep-pan or thin and crispy style, or even if you favour a stuffed crust, there’s bound to be something that really hits the spot.

As well as being a great comfort food, however, pizza can hold its own when you’re looking for a more celebratory, gourmet option. Authentic hand-stretched bases, cooked to perfection in a wood-fired pizza oven, are the order of the day here, with a truly satisfying combination of crispiness and chewiness.

As well as rich tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, toppings can include cured meats such as prosciutto, vegetarian options such as chargrilled peppers and aubergine, or caramelised red onion and goat’s cheese, or seafood such as tuna or prawns. Served with a crisp salad and dough balls, pizza is a great Italian feast, and perfect washed down with a glass of fruity Italian red wine! Whether you’re looking for a dish for one after a long weekday’s work, or a fun meal to share with friends, Deliveroo have what you need.