Pizza delivery in Aberdeen

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a night at home in front of the TV, waiting for the pizza delivery to arrive. Anticipating that delicious, crusty pizza, topped with a generous, weighty layer of favourite foods is almost as good as eating it. Our Deliveroo guys can soon be at your door, handing over another mouth-watering takeaway from your favourite Aberdeen pizza restaurant.

So what's it to be? Pepperoni or pineapple? How about some onions and hot jalapeno, just to spice things up. Who doesn't long for Italian sausage with succulent bacon, and an extra serving of hot gooey cheese melted across the top. Whatever your preference, your pizza order is our command.
Share a hot, fresh baked pizza with family and friends in Aberdeen without going out. This is food of the people, the meal that brings the good folks of this fine city together to share a slice.

Aberdeen: Why Aberdonians Love their Local Pizzas

Aberdeen is Scotland's third most populated city, and its people are passionate about local pizzas. There's just something communal and exciting about opening that hot cardboard box to reveal its hidden delights. People love pizza for its choices, whether that's veggie, or a full-on meaty dish with plenty of extra cheddar. It's instant, it tastes great and you feel good afterwards.

Pizza fans are never bored of this amazing cuisine. Perhaps today it’s pepperoni and veggies, and next time it’s bacon cheeseburger pizza or the popular Hawaiian. Different crust options like thick, thin, stuffed or pretzel are all on the menu. Pizza offers something for everyone.

Pizza is patient food—it waits for you. Enjoy it at sunrise or devour a slice or three for brunch or lunch. It doesn’t matter whether you have it now or later, pizza is your patient friend. Hot or cold, today or tomorrow, delicious leftover pizza slices taste just as good. Whatever you want to order, it's all here on Deliveroo. We can get it to Aberdeen homes fresh out of the oven, hot, boxed, and ready to serve.