Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Hereford restaurants

Are you hungry for a burrito stuffed full with minced meat, shredded cheese and salsa? Or dying for a tasty taco or plate piled high with nachos? If you have a favourite Mexican restaurant in Hereford, you know the joy of a big Tex-Mex feast. But what if we told you that you could enjoy the same restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home? It’s the best of both worlds, with all the hard work taken care of.

We’re working with the best Mexican restaurants across the city to get great food delivered to your door. Just have a look through the comprehensive listings we’ve put together and then place your order online with us. We deliver across most of the city so before you can even open the tequila, we’ll be at your door with your takeaway delivery all set to be enjoyed.

Hereford: Find your ideal Mexican banquet

Whether you love Tex-Mex or more authentic Mexican dishes, we’re here to get you sorted. If you’re ordering food in for lots of family and friends, Mexican food is perfect, thanks to its abundance of small dishes. Start with chilaquiles, the authentic equivalent of a plate of nachos with all the fixings. These toasted tortillas come served with loads of shredded chicken, some crema (very similar to sour cream), and salsa.

For a different twist on a taco, try tacos árabes. These have a Middle Eastern twist, and are usually served with flour tortillas (different from the more usual corn tortilla). The meat inside is spit roasted and heavily seasoned before being shaved into the tortilla or, in some cases, into a pita. Of course, you can’t order Mexican without including mole. This infamous sauce comes in loads of different varieties, depending on the original region, and is generally made up of over 20 ingredients.

If you love it spicy, go for enchilades verdes, (green enchilades). These are corn tortillas filled to the brim with chicken and green salsa. Sprinkle over some cheddar cheese and crema and you have a simple, yet utterly delicious meal. Enjoy!