Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Dundee restaurants

Mexico’s breath-taking panorama, powdery white sandy beaches, seemingly endless sunshine, cosy restaurants and astonishingly delicious cuisine make it worth exploring for sun-seekers and foodies alike. While it isn’t possible for you to fly to Mexico any time, you can order fun and flavourful Mexican food on Deliveroo’s online platform.

Chilaquiles is a traditional breakfast that features fresh light fried tortillas served with a healthy dose of beans and red or green salsa sauce. Pulled chicken and fried or scrambled eggs are added on top to make it more delicious. Mexicans don’t waste stale tortillas either. They turn them into tostadas – deep-fried tortillas containing cooked meat, refried beans, seafood and sauce. Likewise, tacos al pastor is a pork dish consisting of corn tortilla stuffed with vegetables, meat, sauce and pineapples. If that intensified your hunger, simply place your orders on Deliveroo for Mexican home delivery in Dundee.

Dundee: Authentic and fusion Mexican dishes to explore

There’s a very wide range of Mexican food on offer from local restaurants. From authentic rice and chicken in mole sauce, through to more familiar Tex-Mex offerings, there’s food from all around Mexico available. With many different levels of spice, there’s something available for even the fussiest eater.

Classic examples of Mexican food include quesadillas and enchiladas. Both of these are focused around filling tortillas with delicious fillings of meat, fish or vegetables. Enchiladas are then rolled up and covered in sauce and cheese, while quesadillas sandwich the filling between two tortillas and grilled with cheese. You can even sometimes get dessert quesadillas, filled with chocolate and fruit for a sweet treat. For a different spin on dessert, churros are also very popular: sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and dipped in a warming chocolate sauce.

From crunchy fish tacos to soft and tender cuts of meat, Mexican food is so much more diverse than just nachos and cheese. Browse the menus of Deliveroo’s partner restaurants in Dundee, and find something that takes your fancy. From old favourites to traditional dishes, it’s all there. And once you order it, we’ll have it with you in a flash. Dine in with style today.