Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Cheltenham restaurants

Thanks to Deliveroo, you can banish dull takeaways and have a Mexican fiesta delivered direct to your door. Our Mexican listings for Cheltenham bring together the very best dishes that the city’s restaurants have to offer. We’ve done the hard work for you, so all that remains is for you to browse the options, decide what you fancy and order online. You might have time for a quick siesta before your food arrives.

Mexican cuisine is supremely versatile and varied, and you’re sure to find something to suit any occasion. There are satisfying snacks such as burritos when you’re looking for a filling lunch, a wide range of delicious dinners and an array of dishes that are perfect for sharing with a group of friends. It’s a little bit different from the usual suspects for takeout food, and is bound to bring some sunshine to your day.

Mexican waves hello to Cheltenham with Deliveroo

Some of the best known Mexican dishes have made their way to us via the US, and are in the Tex-Mex tradition. Classics such as chilli con carne and nachos with salsa, guacamole and cream cheese are difficult to beat. The Texan influence can also be found in meat dishes such as southern fried chicken and barbequed pork. Fish lovers are well catered for with dishes like sea bass, salmon and cod cooked with traditional Mexican seasonings.

A great way to experience a range of Mexican delights is to opt for some street food dishes, which are perfect for sharing with friends. These can include tacos and tostadas or empanadas, all with tempting meat or vegetable fillings. Fajitas are a fun dish that’s perfect for a dinner party. Fillings such as steak or chicken are combined with grated cheese, sour cream and guacamole before being wrapped in soft flour tortillas.

For a more mainstream option, Mexican restaurants also offer salads and burgers that are augmented by classic Mexican ingredients and flavours. Whatever you choose, you’ll be enjoying your Mexican feast in next to no time with Deliveroo. Just order with a few clicks using our online menu listings for Cheltenham.