Lebanese food delivery in York

If you like your food to have a rich heritage, then look no further than Lebanese cooking. With its origins dating back as far as the ancient Levantine and Mesopotamian civilisations of the Middle East, Lebanese cuisine is some of the oldest in the world. Several modern Lebanese dishes date back to the Roman Empire, and were carried around the world on the backs of Rome's legionaries.

So whether you're barmy for baba ghanouj or baklava, fond of falafel or fattoush, or hungry for kibbeh and kafta, here at Deliveroo we've got you covered! We've searched York for the most authentic Lebanese dishes from the finest Lebanese restaurants. We can guarantee a restaurant quality takeaway as all of our dishes are freshly made to order by professional chefs, ready for delivery to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the history, tradition, and tastes of Lebanese food with Deliveroo!

York: Find delicious Lebanese food in this ancient city with Deliveroo

The roots of Lebanese cuisine stretch back right to the cradle of civilisation. Originating in the ancient lands of the Middle East, Lebanese food has evolved throughout the centuries, absorbing influences from a rich variety of cultures. The Romans first came to what is now York in 71 AD, and it's likely that they brought the earliest incarnation of Lebanese food with them.

With Deliveroo, you can explore the full history of Lebanese food from the comfort of your own home! Try traditional Lebanese dishes like brilliant baba ghanouj, cracking kibbeh (a bulghur wheat dish with minced meat) and marvelous makdous (stuffed aubergine). Or sample a variety of salads like tantalising tabbouleh and fantastic fattoush. There's famous Lebanese falafel, awesome kafte (patties of minced meat with onions) and sumptuous shawarma (the traditional skewered meat inside a pitta sandwich). Or, order a selection of smaller dishes and have a traditional Lebanese mezze feast!

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