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There's no need to miss out on your first meal of the day. Even if you're running late, we'll deliver your breakfast takeaway on time. We've got eggs, bacon and sausages galore presented in a range of appetising ways or try them all in a generous fry-up. It's a traditional feast including hash browns, crunchy fried bread with delicious baked beans, tasty fried tomatoes and mushrooms finished off with a sauce. Add a barbeque flavour by choosing a grilled breakfast. Find the time for delicious rolls filled with your preferred mix of bacon or sausage, or opt for a vegetarion alternative. Scrambled eggs will start your day with a creaminess that's deliciously satisfying. With a round or two of crisp, golden toast with your favourite jam or marmaldae, it's a breakfast treat you're sure to enjoy many times. Try a breakfast wrap with a choice of fillings or if you prefer a sweet breakfast, you'll love pancakes inspired by the US and served with plenty of syrup. With a selection of tea or coffee to add a finishing touch, Deliveroo will deliver everything you need for the perfect breakfast takeaway.

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Looking for some healthy Breakfast to be delivered direct to your door? Give Pret A Manger - York Parliament Street a go for a hit of our healthiest food.

Do you have a craving for some tasty vegan Breakfast? Try ordering from Fortyfive Vinyl Café and Thomas's of York to get your meat free fix.

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