Lebanese food delivery in Windsor

The influence of Middle Eastern food in the UK has been extremely prominent in recent years. It’s safe to say that Windsor has been flooded with an array of Turkish and Lebanese restaurants, which are proving popular across the city. We chimed in on the action and teamed up with the best of these eateries so that you can enjoy their delicious dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Choose from a plethora of kebab variations to satisfy your needs, including the delectable shish kebab or try the lesser known beef kebab with couscous and chickpeas. Perfect for any night of the week. Whatever it is you fancy, the Middle East is never too far away in Windsor. Just order online with us and wait for us to bring restaurant quality takeaway to you. Before you know it, we’ll be at your door, along with your delicious delivery.

Windsor: The Middle East makes its way to this historic town

Lebanese is one of the oldest and most traditional cuisines in the world. Originating from areas including Greece and Turkey, this wonderfully spicy food is sure to send your palate on an adventure. Explore the realms of Lebanese food from the comfort of your living room by ordering an appetising chickpea fattoush or baklava drizzled in honey syrup. If you’re after something meat-free, there is an abundance of falafel-friendly Lebanese dishes to choose from. We recommend the baked falafel with aubergines, or go for a classic vegetarian kebab, stuffed full with peppers and onions.

Middle Eastern food is the perfect way to bring people together. Many Lebanese dishes are served up on platters rather than individual dishes, making it the cuisine of choice when entertaining friends. This community orientated cuisine also makes exploring food a real joy. Long gone are the days of singular meals for each person, with Lebanese you’re expected to dip in and out of different dishes.

Whatever piece of the Middle East takes your fancy, we’re on hand to make sure it gets delivered to you with absolute ease. Sit back, relax and put that movie on, we’ll be round in less than a jiffy.